Anabolic ISO Whey 2Kg Chocolate

Price: 5,499.00

WHEY PROTEIN ISOLATE 85grams out of 100grams
CREATINE MONOHYDRATE 3grams per serving
FENUGREEK EXTRACT for protein synthesis
TAURINE 1000mg per serving
D-ASPARTIC ACID (DAA) 500mg per serving

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ANABOLIC ISO WHEY represents a revolution in the way whey proteins are formulated. Derived solely from whey isolate, ANABOLIC ISO WHEY delivers an unparalleled purity of 85 g protein per 100 grams of product. This high protein, plus the anabolic surge of highly bioavailable amino acids, gives rise to a physiological environment for serious growth to take place. Recognizing that champion physiques require much more than a formula that merely meets a recommended daily allowance of quality protein, we infused ANABOLIC ISO WHEY with the second & third most sought-after compounds for muscular growth: 3000 mg of Creatine Monohydrate & 500 mg D-Aspartic Acid. This mighty combination marks an unrivalled benchmark for whey protein formulas in today’s saturated market. ANABOLIC ISO WHEY`s Creatine Monohydrate works to regenerate ATP while boosting protein synthesis, allowing you to achieve more muscle growth in less time. The D-Aspartic Acid ramps up your body’s natural levels of bio-available free-testosterone, to further maximize the anabolic effects